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Astrokooperation with Dieter Beer

NGC 6888 Crescent nebula in Cygnus

First Light with Moravian G2-8300 FW

100 % Image


instrument: Skywatcher Black Diamond ED120/765 Skywatcher Flattener x0,85
camera: Moravian G2 8300,ALccd6c Pro
mount: Neq6Pro
guiding: Guiding with Finderscope and Lacerta Mgen from Teleskop Austria
exposure time: ALccd6c Pro 15 x 15 min.,Moravian  Ha26x10min,OIII 24x10min,S2 15x15min; Total:16h
location,date: Schrick, 2011-05-26, Bruck a. d. Glocknerstrasse 2011-06-26+27,07-04
processing: CCD-Stack,  Theli,Photoshop CS4
object info Emission-Nebula
magnitute 7,4
seeing 5-7/10
distance 5000 Ly
dimension 18' x 12'
notes Moravian -20 °C

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