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Cooperation with Robert pölzl and bernd weinzirl

 Remote from spain  astrocamp Nerpio

 Setup robert pölzl


Region around NGC5945 in Boötes

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instrument: Newton 14" F3.8 1333mm
camera: FLI 8300
mount: ASA DDM85
guiding: Guiding Lodestar
exposure time: LRGB 860-270-345-390 total  apprx. 31h
location,date: Nerpio  Remote
processing: Pixinsight 1.8, Photoshop CS4
object info Galaxy (SBab)
transparency, seeing 8/10    1.7''-2'' SQM 22.3
distance NGC5945
dimension image 40' x 30' 
notes FLI -30 °C,  LRGB  Filter Baader

All Images Copyright  © Patrick Hochleitner