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NGC 2903 NGC 2916 in LEO

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instrument: Skywatcher Black Diamond ED120/765  Skywatcher Flattener x0,85
camera: Moravian G2 8300 FW
mount: Neq6Pro
guiding: Guiding with Finderscope and Lacerta Mgen from Teleskop Austria
exposure time: Moravian G2 8200FW,  LRGB 390-60-225-180   total 14h45min
location,date: Bruck a. d. Glocknerstrasse 2013-12-02,2014-02-07+03-28+03-29
processing:  Pixinsight  1.7, Photoshop CS4
object info Galaxy Sb/Sc I-II
magnitute 9.0
seeing 6/10
distance 20540 ly
dimension 13'x6,6'
notes Moravian -30 °C, RGBL Filter Astronomik 2c , first Luminance and color data very bad seeing ~3,5FWHM

All Images Copyright  © Patrick Hochleitner