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NGC2264 in Monoceros

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instrument: Skywatcher Black Diamond ED120/765 Skywatcher Flattener x0,85
camera: Canon Eos 1000da modified ISO 800 + ISO1600
mount: Neq6Pro
guiding: Guiding with Finderscope and Lacerta Mgen from Teleskop Austria
exposure time: 22x10min ISO 800, 32x5min ISO1600,  6h 20min
location,date: Bruck an der Glocknerstraße, 01.02.2011+06.02.2011
processing: Theli,Photoshop CS4
object info Reflexionnebula Emission-Nebula
magnitute 4,1 mag
seeing 6-7/10
distance 2500 Ly
dimension 20'x20'
notes  -7,2°C to -11,2°C


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