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Cooperation with Robert pölzl and bernd weinzirl

 Remote from spain  astrocamp Nerpio

 Setup robert pölzl


Abell 2218 in Draco

Galaxycluster and gravitational lensing

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Compare to hubble space telescope image

Credit Nasa,ESa and john richard (caltech,usa)

NGC6214 PGC58680 

PGC2683626 PGC58587



Galaxy Cluster Abell 2218 is a massive cluster of galaxies some 2 billion light years distant toward the constellation Draco. Galaxy cluster Abell 2218 is so massive that its gravitational field can deflect rays of light that pass through it. This "gravitational lensing" effect serves to magnify, distort, and brighten the light of distant galaxies that by chance happen to lie behind the cluster, which in the image are visible as thin arc segments.

instrument: Newton 14" F3.8 1333mm
camera: FLI 8300
mount: ASA DDM85
guiding: Guiding Lodestar
exposure time: LRGB 1020-400-360-400 total 36 hours
location,date: Nerpio  Remote
processing: Theli, Pixinsight  1.7, Photoshop CS4
object info Galaxy cluster
transparency, seeing 8-9/10    1.7''-2'' SQM 22.1
distance Abell 2218 Redshift 0.17560 , 2,345 Billion Ly. ; Arc Z=2.515
dimension image 40' x 30' 
notes FLI -35 °C,  LRGB  Filter Baader

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